4/18/2018 Recap

The LIHC Harmonica Workshop on 4/18 was a pretty good experience. Lots o’ fun! Maybe being in the library ‘kiddie room’ had an effect on everybody.
The cast of characters included:
  Dennis Duffy
  Gerard Fitzgerald
  Steve Ulrich
  Pete Cohn
  Frank Ryan
  Peter Li
  Jennie Purpura
  Janet Widerspan
  Doug Lange
  Dean Bobbitt – new
We chatted for a while, then played the Johnny Cash set together to warm up.
Next we did the rounds; some players very much improved.
We had a lesson on ‘chording’ along to the 12-bar blues form – both straight harp in C and then cross-harp in G.
We finished up by working out the tune: Do Wa Diddy Diddy. We arranged a single player with the group playing certain sections of it. It sounded good for a first time tryout.
Everyone seemed to have a good time.
Noteworthy absence was George Johanson. He is a stalwart regular who never misses a workshop. We look forward to seeing him next time.