5/16/2018 Recap


Frank Ryan (moi) wrote:

Hi –

We had a real good workshop this past Wednesday.
The following members were in attendance: Frank Ryan (moi), Ed Gold, George Johanson, Jennie Purpura, Gerard Fitzgerald, Dennis Duffy, Oliver Petter, Janet Widerspan, John Devine, Peter Cohn, and Peter Li.
John reported that Fred Schmidt, an old time member of the club, is suffering some health problems and has moved to hospice care. He came to our 2017 fall restaurant get together and played “Alice Blue Gown” on his harmonica.
The ‘rounds’ this time was fun and a little unusual as many players took a whack at accompanying themselves on guitar. Everybody was playing very good harmonica.
The featured event of the evening was an instructional  DVD/video titled “The Ins and Outs of Rhythm Harp” by Peter “Madcap” Ruth.
We just tried the first couple of lessons and it was an experience! This fellow plays a very vigorous and assertive rhythm harmonica using just the diatonic harp.
He explained his technique and his demonstrations were manageable, all we have to do now is put in a couple of hundred hours of practice and we’re ready for a public performance … sigh!
No feedback yet, but if the gang liked carving out 30 minutes of workshop time to try these instructional DVDs, we can keep it going and make it a regular part of the meetings.
Let John know if this is something worth continuing.
Comment from John D.
Well, said frank and THANKS for making copies of the instructions for everyone

I had a good time, more to follow

remember club picnic is scheduled for Saturday July 21 and Saturday August 25 at Kens house

Most of you know this is  a jam packed musical day with plenty of food and friendship

Looking forward to more learning and advancement on the harp!

John D

Comment from Ed Gold
Great comments and photos!  Don’t you ever sleep!?
Comment from John Smits
Looks like it was a lot of fun. Sorry I missed it, making meeting nights has been tough for me these past couple months, hoping summer will be better.  Love that you’re all playing guitar now with the harmonica!! I have an extra rack if someone wants it.  Hope to see you all soon.

A few photos attached: