About 2018 S.P.A.H. Convention

This convention was a real thrill for me. I had an excellent time.

The days were filled with a wide variety of seminars and shows. Each evening was a two hour concert in the big auditorium featuring several different performers and acts. There was something for everybody, regardless of whether you were a diatonic blues player or a chromatic orchestra enthusiast. For me the fun was getting exposed to such a wide variety of styles and instruments. Madcap Ruth performed his set with a harmonica and ukulele accompanied by a chap playing the tablas!

There were some late evening playing groups in different rooms like a country & western room or a bluegrass room. All day long there was an unending playing group in the main lobby. That music never stopped; only the players changed over the course of the day.

I was intrigued by the Gateway Harmonica Club. They did an excellent 1/2 hour set on the main stage. I chatted with them at their table in the lobby and asked a lot of questions about the way their club was run, like how do they draw in new members and what were their meeting like, etc … They are very nice people and anxious to tell their story.

I am including a few photos mostly taken by John. He had the presence of mind to snap a few good ones. He and I ate out every night.

By the way, if you ever get a chance to travel or hang out with our President, take it. He is a most convivial guy and wonderful companion.

We’ll tell some more of the story at our next meeting.

– Frank


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