Meet Our Members

This page is Under Construction! There are about 40 more members that need to be added!

Ken Korb a.k.a. “The Rocket”

Ken is a Long Island Harmonica legend. He is a multi-instrumented virtuoso, playing the mandolin, tin whistle, clarinet, guitar and chromatic and diatonic harmonica, to mention a few. He is also a watercolor artist and works as a furniture restoration expert.

John Devine

John, started playing the harmonica late in life.  He now plays diatonic and chromatic.  In addition to that he has taken up Ukulele and Guitar, with the goal to play harmonica and string instruments at the same time.  He credits the club and its members for his success.  John is retired from NY Life insurance Co. , married and has 4 grandchildren   and is a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran.


Jordan Linker

Jordan was given a harmonica during high school and has played ever since. Also Playing Guitar Ukulele, and Mandolin. He has guested with several local bands. Primarily interested in blues, rock and folk style, but starting to learn songs on the chromatic.

   Fred Schmidt